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This database contains comprehensive box office data on motion pictures released in North America between 1989 and the present. All figures have been manually updated on a weekly basis. Over 3,800 films are contained in this database and can be browsed alphabetically. All figures are in US Dollars.

Each film has an Opening and Closing date. Those movies without a Closing date are still playing in theaters as of the last update. The Total Gross represents the entire run of the picture. Opening Gross indicates the opening weekend gross. For films debuting in limited release, the Opening Gross is for the first weekend of wide release.

Weekends are 3-day figures (Friday - Sunday) unless otherwise noted. An asterisk ( * ) indicates a 4-day holiday opening weekend figure, a carat ( ^ ) represents a 5-day opening weekend figure, and a number sign ( # ) denotes a 2-day debut. Opening Theaters indicate the number of theaters a film opened in. Widest Theaters indicate the number of theaters at its widest point of distribution.

1st Wk % represents the percentage of Total Gross achieved during its opening weekend. This is an indicator of a film's durability. A higher percentage means it faded quickly and a lower percentage means it showed good "legs" at the box office. Per Thtr is the per-theater average for the film.

Last Updated: September 20, 2010