STUDIO SPOTLIGHT Releasing an increasing number of star vehicles did little for Sony last year as the studio collected $667.1M which was roughly even with 1999. The company's biggest hits were Charlie's Angels and The Patriot with $123M and $113.3M respectively, however both projects were incredibly expensive with budgets north of $90M a piece. Sony also released a number of female-driven disappointments like Girl, Interrupted, Hanging Up, 28 Days, and I Dreamed of Africa. Plus pricey pics like Arnold Schwarzenegger's sci-fi actioner The 6th Day and What Planet Are You From? both tanked. Hollow Man and Vertical Limit secured solid turnouts, but again were expensive to produce and market. Even teen movies, which the company previously mined for quick and easy profits, failed with duds like Whatever It Takes, Center Stage, and the aptly titled Loser. Overall, Sony had very few films that it could reap big profits from in 2000.