STUDIO SPOTLIGHT Sitting on the sidelines for most of 2000 was MGM/UA which only released four films all year. Without a James Bond adventure, the studio's annual take plunged by two-thirds to a mere $104.1M. In January, MGM/UA launched the sci-fi thriller Supernova which imploded grossing just $14.2M. In the spring came a pair of films - the low-budget comedy 3 Strikes which collected $9.8M and the romantic comedy Return to Me which did moderately well with $32.7M. The studio's only other offering was the critically panned Autumn in New York starring Richard Gere and Winona Ryder which managed to take in $37.8M making it the studio's biggest grosser of the year. In 2001, however, MGM has plans to become a major player again with a packed slate including such promising titles as Hannibal and Rollerball.