Blu-ray Review: Sleeping Beauty

Six years to the day after the release of the 50th anniversary Platinum Edition Blu-ray comes the (56th anniversary?) Diamond Edition Blu-ray of Disney's animated classic Sleeping Beauty. Back from the lucrative vault, Aurora and friends return in large part because of the monster hit Maleficent which re-energized this property this year with its mammoth $750M+ global box office making it the second biggest theatrical smash of 2014 after some transforming robots.

The animation is crisp and really highlights what an accomplishment the film was in its time when it released in 1958. There are animated films today that could not stand up to the magnitude of the production with its scale, scope, and music. The film still plays as a must-see for kids who love Disney creations and the lesser-known Aurora should find herself some new fans after living in the Mouse House shadows of Cinderella and Snow White for decades.

The Blu-ray offers some nice bonus features although those who already own the older Platinum Edition will feel that not much has been added here. Deleted scenes for animated movies are often not too engaging, especially for younger children. They work more for cinema buffs. But two very entertaining featurettes include The Art of Evil which looks back at the drawings of villains in Disney toons plus Once Upon a Parade which finds a group of children on an enchanted journey at Walt Disney World. Sure it plays out like an infomercial for the theme park division of the corporation, but it works.

Getting a history lesson here with Sleeping Beauty may be in order for kids before Jolie's Maleficient hits Blu-ray next month.

Blu-ray Title: Sleeping Beauty - Diamond Edition

Review by Gitesh Pandya

Run Time: 75 minutes

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

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Sneak Peek: Fantasy Parade

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