DVD Review: Winnie the Pooh

A beloved character from the storybook comes to life in Disney's Winnie the Pooh, one of the shortest films in recent times to be categorized as a feature. But its length, and G rating, make it a great viewing option for younger children who may not have the attention span or patience to sit through a typical 90-minute toon movie. The basic film itself only runs 55 minutes long but a prolonged credit sequence pushes it past the one hour mark to a crisp 63 minutes. Nevertheless, the quality of Pooh cannot be denied and the pic delivers wholesome family entertainment by using creative techniques rarely seen.

The Disney film reminds the viewer that the story has come from the pages of a book by actually using the words, letters, and illustrations from the page to move the movie along. Call it a gimmick, but it works. Although the old fashioned feel of the characters and storytelling may test the patience of kids used to faster-paced animation or more advanced 3D cartoons from powerhouse brands like Pixar and DreamWorks which are so common these days.

In Winnie the Pooh, the lovable bear and his pals embark on a journey to find Eeyore's missing tail and find themselves caught in amusing situations after certain misunderstandings arise. Craig Ferguson steals the show as Owl, John Cleese makes a great narrator, and some fun songs by Zooey Deschanel add to the amusement.

The DVD includes only a few bonus features - three deleted scenes plus two short films. An included fold-out booklet game of Pin the Tail on Eeyore can easily be used at the next birthday party. The 2-disc combo pack also includes a Blu-ray copy which adds two additional deleted scenes plus a featurette and a sing-along feature. Pooh is also available as a stand-alone DVD and in a 3-disc combo pack including digital copy.

DVD Title: Winnie the Pooh

Review by Gitesh Pandya

Run Time: 63 minutes

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment


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