4DX Review: Ant-Man and the Wasp

For the 20th consecutive time in 20 attempts, the Marvel Cinematic Universe delivered a number one opening weekend, this time with the sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp which follows the first film from 2015 as well as Ant-Man's supporting role in 2016's big summer blockbuster Captain America: Civil War. The new film's story takes place two years after the epic Germany showdown in the third Cap adventure and in a way ties in with the timeline of Avengers: Infinity War which did not feature Ant-Man.

Action movies are well-designed to take advantage of the 4DX format, especially big-budget comic book flicks. Moving seats take the moviegoer more into the experience with ups, downs, shaking, and my personal favorite, being hit in the back during intense moments. Air blasts simulate gunfire, water scenes feature a spray in the face, lightning can light up the walls, and even smells are sometimes pumped in. Some movie fans would find this torture, but plenty of die-hard entertainment addicts will get their money's worth at this 4DX premium showing.

Chase scenes allow the format to shine with all the movements that are forced upon you, almost like an amusement park ride. The water spray can get annoying, but luckily the seats give the user an option to turn it off. Any food like popcorn needs to be held tightly as the seat can angle downward allowing any tray sitting on a lap to slide right off.

As one of the less violent Marvel brands, an Ant-Man movie has fewer firearms and blood than say, a Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That makes this movie more family friendly and smaller children may enjoy the experience more than with more ferocious films. The downside is that it is not among the best that the MCU has to offer, and even the Stan Lee cameo barely gets a laugh. The pricing is high, near $31 per ticket in New York City, but as a unique experience, the 4DX format plays well for special occasions for the most beloved movie brands.

Title: Ant-Man and the Wasp in 4DX format

Review by Gitesh Pandya

Run Time: 118 minutes

Opened on July 6

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