Weekend Box Office (June 9 - 11, 2017)

by Gitesh Pandya

THIS WEEKEND The super hero blockbuster Wonder Woman easily fended off competition from The Mummy to reign as box office queen for a second straight time and displayed exceptional stamina in the process. Warner Bros. collected an incredible gross of $58.5M, according to final studio figures, for a second weekend decline of only 43% which is among the best all-time for any comic book movie ever. Cume stands at a sturdy $206.3M with plenty more to come.

Strong word-of-mouth and repeat business are driving people to see Wonder Woman and some who didn't want to see the film a week or two ago are now joining the movement. Diana generated the smallest second weekend drop and the largest sophomore session gross among all four films in the current DC Extended Universe beating Man of Steel (65%/$41.3M), Batman v Superman (69%/$51.3M), and Suicide Squad (67%/$43.5M). All three of those super hero movies opened bigger than Wonder Woman, but had weaker legs.

Should it keep up this momentum over the weeks to come, Wonder Woman will be able to end its domestic run higher than all those DCEU films with a possible finish in the $350M neighborhood. This also bodes well for the next film Justice League which opens in November and, of course, features Wonder Woman in it.

For all DC movies in history, this is the third biggest gross on the second weekend after only The Dark Knight ($75.2M) and The Dark Knight Rises ($62.1M). The road ahead for Wonder Woman looks promising. Next weekend sees no major action competition. The fifth Transformers movie is the next action tentpole and arrives on June 21 but the lucrative Fourth of July holiday period will have enough room for Diana to carve out a nice slice of the pie.

Overseas, the top market of China saw the Mummy debut deliver a much bigger impact as Wonder Woman fell a sharp 65% in its second round there. The overall international weekend gross fell 53% to $60M. New totals stand at $232.2M overseas and $438.5M global. With Germany and Spain opening later this month and then Japan in August, Wonder Woman should reach at least $750M worldwide by the end of its run.

With such intense action competition to deal with, the Universal monster reboot The Mummy was no match and settled for second place opening to $31.7M. The PG-13 adventure anchored by Tom Cruise landed in 4,035 theaters and averaged $7,848. Reviews were harsh, interest in this property was only so much to begin with, and action fans were feeling much more natural excitement for Wonder Woman this weekend.

The studio is building a cinematic universe of monster movies, not unlike what Marvel has brilliantly executed with its characters. The Mummy is the first film for the new Dark Universe brand and this stumble will not deter other films from making their way into the marketplace including Bride of Frankenstein in 2019 plus The Invisible Man with Johnny Depp and a Frankenstein film starring Javier Bardem. More focus may be put on making a quality film, though.

As for The Mummy, it opened worse than all three Mummy films starring Brendan Fraser from 1999 to 2008. Each of those broke $40M in the first weekend. Studio data showed that the new big-budget movie skewed 54% male, 58% over 25, and 51% non-white. Paying audiences were not too satisfied as the CinemaScore grade was a disappointing B-.

International results were significantly better for The Mummy as the opening weekend delivered a stellar $140.8M from 63 markets for a worldwide debut of $172M. A whopping 82% of that figure came from overseas territories where Cruise's star wattage is brighter. China easily led all countries in the world with a solid $52.4M launch over three days beating Logan's $48.8M and the $48M of Guardians 2 earlier this year.

Younger kids kept seeing the DreamWorks Animation comedy Captain Underpants which dropped 49% in its second weekend holding nicely. Fox grossed $12.2M boosting the total to $44.4M with schools across the country closing for summer in the days and weeks ahead. Direct competition comes next weekend when Pixar's Cars 3 arrives.

Falling 52% in its third round was Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales with $10.7M putting Disney at $135.8M domestic - by far the lowest of the five-film series. But international markets are going well led by China's $161.2M putting the worldwide gross at $600M with Japan to open on July 1. A global finish of $725-750M may result. The last three chapters all broke $900M.

Spending its sixth weekend in the top five was the summer kickoff film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with $6.3M, down just 36%. The Disney release has amassed $366.4M so far and surpassed last year's Deadpool and The Jungle Book to reach number 35 on the list of all-time domestic blockbusters on its way to finish in the Top 30. Guardians now sits at $833.2M worldwide.

The horror film It Comes at Night opened poorly in sixth place with $6M from 2,533 runs for a weak $2,364 average. The R-rated chiller from A24 earned vastly different reactions from film critics and audiences as reviews were mostly good while the CinemaScore grade was a dreadful D which is poor even by fright film standards. The budget was just under $5M. The action-comedy Baywatch followed with $4.6M, down 47%, for a new total of $51.1M for Paramount.

The soldier story Megan Leavey had a soft debut grossing $3.8M from 1,956 locations for an average of only $1,948. Bleecker Street saw very positive feedback from critics and ticket buyers alike. Falling 56% to $1.8M was Alien: Covenant which has banked $71.2M to date for Fox. Global is $181.6M with China set to open on Friday.

Warner Bros. rounded out the top ten with the romance Everything, Everything which grossed $1.6M, off 51%, for a $31.7M sum. The film is one of three in the top ten to be directed by women joining Megan Leavey and of course the reigning box office queen Wonder Woman.

The top ten films grossed $137.3M which was off less than 2% from last year when The Conjuring 2 opened at number one with $40.4M; and down 48% from 2015 when Jurassic World debuted in the top spot with a record $208.8M.

Compared to projections, The Mummy opened right on target with my $32M forecast. It Comes at Night debuted below my $10M prediction while Megan Leavey was on target with my $4M projection.

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# Title Jun 9 - 11 Jun 2 - 4 % Chg. Theaters Weeks AVG Cumulative Distributor
1 Wonder Woman $ 58,520,672 $ 103,251,471 -43.3 4,165 2 $ 14,051 $ 206,343,175 Warner Bros.
2 The Mummy 31,668,375 4,035 1 7,848 31,668,375 Universal
3 Captain Underpants 12,180,704 23,851,539 -48.9 3,529 2 3,452 44,443,216 Fox
4 Pirates of the Caribbean: DMTNT 10,704,103 22,087,099 -51.5 3,679 3 2,910 135,830,397 Disney
5 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 6,312,367 9,839,370 -35.8 2,911 6 2,168 366,431,539 Disney
6 It Comes at Night 5,988,370 2,533 1 2,364 5,988,370 A24
7 Baywatch 4,648,207 8,741,285 -46.8 2,832 3 1,641 51,113,342 Paramount
8 Megan Leavey 3,810,867 1,956 1 1,948 3,810,867 Bleecker St.
9 Alien: Covenant 1,826,579 4,122,884 -55.7 1,814 4 1,007 71,238,791 Fox
10 Everything, Everything 1,627,295 3,301,366 -50.7 1,546 4 1,053 31,739,247 Warner Bros.
11 My Cousin Rachel 968,506 523 1 1,852 968,506 Fox Searchlight
12 Diary of a Wimpy Kid 4 656,843 1,289,793 -49.1 897 4 732 19,379,101 Fox
13 The Boss Baby 512,445 621,139 -17.5 432 11 1,186 171,823,971 Fox
14 Snatched 491,644 1,318,582 -62.7 651 5 755 45,017,475 Fox
15 King Arthur 455,744 1,173,672 -61.2 422 5 1,080 38,216,307 Warner Bros.
16 The Fate of the Furious 442,770 489,465 -9.5 389 9 1,138 224,507,635 Universal
17 Paris Can Wait 436,424 529,395 -17.6 176 5 2,480 2,271,700 Sony Classics
18 Beauty and the Beast 377,898 658,056 -42.6 316 13 1,196 502,868,344 Disney
19 3 Idiotas 240,930 609,249 -60.5 349 2 690 1,051,560 Lionsgate
20 Churchill 200,641 400,843 -49.9 187 2 1,073 798,500 Cohen Media
Top 5 $ 119,386,221 $ 167,770,764 -28.8
Top 10 137,287,539 178,977,061 -23.3
Top 20 142,071,384 183,262,479 -22.5
Top 20 vs. 2016 142,071,384 150,208,188 -5.4

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