Weekend Box Office (June 2 - 4, 2017)

by Gitesh Pandya

THIS WEEKEND Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment enjoyed a thunderous opening for its new super hero epic Wonder Woman which captured the number one spot with a fantastic final of $103.3M - over $3M more than estimated - grossing more than all other films in the marketplace combined. The PG-13 pic averaged a stellar $24,790 from 4,165 theaters and delivered the third biggest opening weekend of 2017 after Beauty and the Beast's $174.8M and the $146.5M of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Super hero origin story films usually do not reach this height at the box office. Last November's Doctor Strange bowed to $85.1M while the first Captain America and Thor movies debuted to just over $65M each in 2011. Based on a character that is more of a household name, Wonder Woman had broader appeal and also excited female audiences more than most films of this genre have. In fact, studio data showed that women were the dominant group making up 52% of the crowd. Normally a comic book movie would skew around 60% male. Diana's performance was more like 2008's Iron Man (also a well-reviewed origin story for a well-known comic brand) which banked $102.1M in its first weekend including pre-shows.

Anticipation for this film kicked off last year with Gal Gadot's debut of the role in Batman v Superman. Many said Wonder Woman was the best part of that super hero smackdown. The Warner Bros. marketing push was terrific and exceptional reviews from critics boosted consumer interest. Ticket buyers have been very pleased with what they got with the CinemaScore grade being a solid A. The Patty Jenkins film also posted the biggest debut of all-time for a female-directed movie.

The sturdy opening weekend kicked off with a $38.2M Friday including $11M from Thursday night pre-shows beginning at 7pm. Saturday slipped a reasonable 8% to $35.2M. GOTG2 had the same Saturday slide. Sunday declined by only 16% to a sturdy $29.7M. $9.1M of the weekend take came from the 343 IMAX screens and there was more from other premium formats including the 4DX experience.

With strong word-of-mouth spreading, ample kid appeal, and schools closing for summer vacation throughout the June weeks ahead, good legs should be in store. A domestic final in the $275-300M range is possible.

Wonder Woman also took off overseas with an international debut of $125M resulting in a hefty global opening weekend of $228M. China led international markets with a 3-day start of $38.2M while Korea, Mexico, and Brazil followed with $8-9M a piece. France, Germany and Spain open later this month while Japan gets the comic hit in August. Breaking $700M worldwide seems likely and reaching $800M is a possibility as well for the tentpole which reportedly cost about $150M to produce.

The DreamWorks Animation comedy Captain Underpants debuted in second place with $23.9M from 3,434 locations for a $6,946 average. Across 22 films over the past decade, the only one from the toon studio to open lower was Turbo's $21.3M in 2013. However, Underpants was produced at a significantly lower cost so it aims to follow an easier road to profitability when all revenue streams are counted. Featuring the voices of Kevin Hart and Ed Helms, the PG-rated film drew an audience that was 54% male and 65% under 25. Reviews were good for Fox and the CinemaScore grade was a B+.

Audiences abandoned Johnny Depp's ship as his latest tentpole Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales plunged 65% in its second weekend of play to $22.1M for third place. Disney has banked $115.1M which is 25% behind the pace of the last film in the franchise, 2011's On Stranger Tides. A $150M domestic final may result which would be the worst for the five-film series. But overseas is where it's at for this property. International markets grossed another $73.8M this weekend for a new offshore cume of $386.6M for a global tally of $501M. China, where Pirates had its star-studded world premiere, is the top-grossing territory globally with $142.6M.

The Mouse House also landed in fourth with the well-liked Marvel super hero sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which took in $9.8M, sliding 53%. New totals are $355.6M domestic (number 38 all-time) and $817M worldwide.

Posting a sophomore decline of 53% was the action-comedy Baywatch which collected $8.7M for a cume of $42M for Paramount. Fox's sci-fi sequel Alien: Covenant fell 61% to $4.1M giving the space horror saga $67.3M to date with the global tally now at $174M.

The teen romance Everything, Everything posted the best hold in the top ten - with the only dip below 50% - with a 45% decline to $3.3M for $28.3M overall for Warner Bros. The comedy Snatched took in $1.3M, down 67%, leaving Fox at $43.8M.

Tumbling 71% due to the new options for kids this weekend was Diary of a Wimpy Kid with an estimated $1.3M. Fox's sum is just $17.9M. King Arthur dropped 64% to $1.2M leading to a weak new total of $37.2M for Warner Bros.

The top ten films grossed $179M which was up 45% from last year when TMNT: Out of the Shadows opened at number one with $35.3M; and up 46% from 2015 when Spy debuted in the top spot with $29.1M.

Compared to projections, Wonder Woman opened right on target with my $103M forecast while Captain Underpants was also in line with my $24M prediction.

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# Title Jun 2 - 4 May 26 - 28 % Chg. Theaters Weeks AVG Cumulative Distributor
1 Wonder Woman $ 103,251,471 4,165 1 $ 24,790 $ 103,251,471 Warner Bros.
2 Captain Underpants 23,851,539 3,434 1 6,946 23,851,539 Fox
3 Pirates of the Caribbean: DMTNT 22,087,099 62,983,253 -64.9 4,276 2 5,165 115,095,870 Disney
4 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 9,839,370 20,907,121 -52.9 3,507 5 2,806 355,580,702 Disney
5 Baywatch 8,741,285 18,503,871 -52.8 3,647 2 2,397 41,965,723 Paramount
6 Alien: Covenant 4,122,884 10,614,539 -61.2 2,660 3 1,550 67,342,368 Fox
7 Everything, Everything 3,301,366 6,015,836 -45.1 2,375 3 1,390 28,282,953 Warner Bros.
8 Snatched 1,318,582 3,978,251 -66.9 1,625 4 811 43,846,996 Fox
9 Diary of a Wimpy Kid 4 1,289,793 4,470,873 -71.2 2,088 3 618 17,894,397 Fox
10 King Arthur 1,173,672 3,300,544 -64.4 1,222 4 960 37,176,629 Warner Bros.
11 Beauty and the Beast 658,056 1,463,306 -55.0 527 12 1,249 502,136,527 Disney
12 The Boss Baby 621,139 1,725,751 -64.0 684 10 908 170,921,703 Fox
13 3 Idiotas 609,249 349 1 1,746 609,249 Lionsgate
14 Paris Can Wait 529,395 431,845 22.6 151 4 3,506 1,606,002 Sony Classics
15 The Fate of the Furious 489,465 1,492,060 -67.2 593 8 825 223,807,400 Universal
16 Churchill 400,843 215 1 1,864 400,843 Cohen Media
17 How to be a Latin Lover 277,496 973,484 -71.5 277 6 1,002 31,701,000 Lionsgate
18 The Lovers 244,817 645,851 -62.1 348 5 703 1,912,185 A24
19 Going in Style 230,076 244,052 -5.7 303 9 759 44,245,405 Warner Bros.
20 Smurfs: The Lost Village 224,882 283,536 -20.7 272 9 827 44,035,646 Sony
Top 5 $ 167,770,764 $ 119,024,620 41.0
Top 10 178,977,061 133,992,099 33.6
Top 20 183,262,479 139,834,871 31.1
Top 20 vs. 2016 183,262,479 131,829,063 39.0

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